Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito is the real one

When GWB nominated Meirs, I first suspected that he wasn't spoiling for a fight. However, this is totally out of character for our President. I think what was really going on was that he was sending a signal to the GOP Senators and other conservatives. Several, including the "maverick" closet democrat, McCain, were conspiring to be an impediment to a strong conservative choice. Several others weren't inspired to be as supportive because they wanted cover for upcoming elections.Meirs was not really the nominee that GWB expected to be confirmed, but was the spark that would unify the moderates and conservatives to more enthusiasticly support the well known conservative nominee that would follow her. Sounds like a good Karl Rove political strategy.
Whether that was the plan or not, it does seem to be having that effect.
The Democrats are wailing. That alone makes me think that Alito is probably supremely qualified.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

The War On Terror

Matt Jackson, at BlogDecatur has recently demonstrated how a distrust or dislike of the messenger can lead to misinterpretations of the message. I have a suggestion. Read the speech aloud, to yourself, or have someone read it to you. I'm not suggesting that you are illiterate, but for demonstration purposes, just hearing it in a 'different than GWB' voice will make a difference to you in your comprehension of the message.
The entire speech, available from the GOP website, can also be read as the first comment to this entry. (just in case you can't bring yourself to visiting the GOP site)

Try this method, it can even help with WJC speeches.

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