Thursday, January 12, 2006

The light of day

The Samuel Alito confirmation hearing has been a major victory for conservatives. The more that the American public sees of the tactics and personalities of the left's puppets in the Senate, the more they realize that, much like Georgia Democrat Zell Miller has noted, that the Democrat Party has abandoned reality and logic and the high ground.

It is truly pitiful the way that Senators Durbin, Schumer, Biden, Leahy, and Splash's owner, Teddy, have engaged in character assassination. However, the liberal left's ideology and tactics will only work in darkness, behind the scenes, and can't withstand the light of day. When the public sees it clearly, as they have during this hearing and during the Roberts confirmation, they will see liberalism for what it is, an intellectual game of distorting reality.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tongue-Tied Teddy K.

Comments on the Judge Alito confirmation hearings, day one.

Tongue-Tied Teddy... Did he intentionally call Judge Alito, "Alioto?" Are the aides that write everything that he reads intentionally trying to confirm to the rest of America that "Mr. Mean and Nasty" really IS a morally corrupt walrus grasping at straws? This is, without a doubt, the most negative, angry man in the Senate. Every voter in Massachusetts should be required to view his questioning in this and the last judicial confirmation proceedings before being allowed to vote for him. If they still can bring themselves to vote for him, then they will get what they deserve, and the country will continue to be humiliated by him. The same thing goes for "Dick Durbin, the GI Nazi hunter and Al Quada spokesperson."

When did Smilin' Joe "Phony Joe" Biden become the Senate's leading feminist? Is this his new election issue?

Dianne "Gun shy" Feinstein was concerned about guns being available to US citizens, thought that was crazy, went on to feminism and leans toward making juveniles exempt from searches. No wonder the left coast is so messed up.

More later.

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