Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mrs. Bill Clinton's "Hillraisers"

“People have often said about the Clintons, they don’t care who they hang out with as long as the people can be helpful to them,” said one of Mrs. Clinton’s major fund-raisers. “The larger point in all of this is that the Clintons are the ultimate pragmatists in who they hang out with; if you can be useful to them, they will find a way to make it work.”
The Corruption of Clinton's Campaign By Richard H. Collins

Only NBC Asked Hillary About Her Crooked Donor Scandal
The only thing I'm surprised about here is that it was NBC. Maybe the lib networks are trying to cover for each other, and they all agreed to take turns asking semi-tough questions. Perhaps to keep from completely beating up the democrats like they do the Republican candidates? Another clear sign of "drive-by" media bias.

In still another donor situation, even Biden is giving his share of controversial money to charity...
Clinton Keeping Controversial Donor's Cash

And apparently, someone vaguely remembers the mysterious things that sometimes happened to people who somehow got in the way... and associates that to Hsu's mysterious sickness.
By GARY HARMON - The Daily Sentinel
Clinton ties ominous for jailed fundraiser Hsu, Web site says

The first quote from the "Hillraiser" Clinton donor at the top of this post really says it all for the morals of the Clinton campaign.

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