Saturday, September 24, 2005

D-B Act is a handout to unions, slap to minorities

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Bush administration suspends Davis-Bacon Act for hurricane stricken areas of Gulf Coast.This is the headline that has gotten Matt Jackson's shorts in a bunch. His support for an obviously racist originated law contradicts his alledged support for the downtrodden victims of the hurricane. If he would like to pay higher taxes to support his allies, the labor unions, more power to him. Pay as much as you like, Matt. As a taxpayer myself, I prefer to get more for my tax dollars than a handout to the AFL-CIO and other union organizations.
Workers are hurt several ways by Davis-Bacon.For example, the Davis-Bacon Act prohibits the use of `helpers' on federally funded projects.`Helpers' are widely used on private sector projects, and gain well-paying jobs and precious experience and skills. As the Association of Builders and Contractors points out: `It provides a career path with no limits where they can progress from field worker, to supervisor, to front office, and ultimately even company ownership.' Davis-Bacon also slows down and raises costs of projects by not allowing for employees to `multi-skill.' That is, if an individual is a carpenter and electrician, he or she can only perform one of those jobs on a project, as noted by the builders and contractors group. This is grossly inefficient, and an obvious sop to labor unions.

...Minority contractors will find it easier to get federal contracts without divisive quotas, black workers will find it easier to get construction jobs, and the federal government will be able to accomplish more with a smaller burden on the taxpayer...

Walter Williams wrote in 2003...If the Davis-Bacon Act requires that any worker handling a hammer and a nail, for example, be paid $25 an hour, no contractor in his right mind is going to hire a worker with $10 an hour skills and pay him $25. Any minimum wage law tends to discriminate against the employment of low-skilled works; the Davis-Bacon Act is simply a super-minimum wage.
Summary of Walter Williams' article: The Davis-Bacon Act is a federal law that mandates that a prevailing wage be paid on all federally financed or assisted construction projects. The secretary of labor illegally sets the "prevailing wage" at the union wage or higher, regardless of what the average wage is in the affected locality. The effect of the Davis-Bacon Act is that of discriminating against contractor employment of non-union and lower skilled workers.
As I pointed out in a response to MJ on BlogDecatur, the haves are the ones who benefit from Davis-Bacon. The have-nots get locked out. President Bush was absolutely correct in his action. Minorities will benefit from employment they might not have otherwise had, and taxpayers will get more construction and rebuilding for the money.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Confirmation Hearings

Some observations on the Supreme Court confirmation proceedings...

If the liberals in this country would have been watching the ENTIRE proceedings, they would likely be crying and destitute. The Liberal's regular cast of "likely suspects," namely, Kennedy, Schumer, Biden and Durbin, utilized the deep resources of their aides, liberal organizations, and more, yet Judge John Roberts sat there with no notes, demolishing them and the misrepresentations they consistently presented.

Biden, Schumer and Kennedy and Durbin were made to look especially uninformed and powerless, (neutered) and I even feared for Kennedy's health several times as he babbled and became flustered. The smarter, smarmier, and slicker each Senator tried to be, made their eventual transformation into useful idiots even more dramatic.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Entitlement Society is exposed as an utter failure

New Orleans, run by Democrats for over 60 years, should have been a utopian showcase for the liberals. Instead, it was one of the biggest concentrations of what Rush Limbaugh calls, "The Entitlement Society." The attention brought to the area by the lawlessness and looting is helping to expose the utter failure of the economic system built and maintained by liberal, and/or, corrupt Democrats. National Dems are probably VERY worried that lessons will be learned from their generations of abuse of the least fortunate, caused by the welfare state of mind that is standardized by socially liberal policies.

The TOTAL dependence on GOVERNMENT by impoverished citizens, lured by continuing promises to help them out of poverty, (be sure to vote for us!) yet consistantly being disappointed with the results is the result of typical liberal social policies, and in the meantime, generations of citizens are being raised with the expectation that "the government" will take care of everything.

New Orleans had at least three concurrent disasters. A hurricane, flooding, and a breakdown of civility. The societal breakdown was triggered by the hurricane and flood, but was caused by the "Entitlement Society," wholly constructed by the Democrats and other dishonest politicians.

The "Blame Game" is now the vehicle of choice for the left to redirect attention away from themselves.

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