Sunday, November 12, 2006

Minnesotastan Elects Hamas Democrat

The Dems may have a bit of trouble holding their slim majority together once they all become familiar with each other this January. After all, quite a few of the new crop come from what I would have suspected to be "unusual" backgrounds for Democrats, to say the least.
From former Republican and Navy Secretary to President Reagan, Webb of Virginia, straight arrow Tester in Montana, to Nation of Islam(1) and CAIR supported Muslim extremist Keith Ellison way up there in the hinterlands of Minnesotastan.

Muslim Extremist Elected to Congress
To paraphrase a 16 million dollar Blagojevich slogan, "What are the voters thinking?"

Keith Ellison, CAIR, and Hamas
Ellison served as Nation of Islam(2) spokesman at a 1997 public hearing where he defended -- in his own words -- "the truth" of a government official's supposed comment that "Jews are the most racist white people." Only learned recently and far more troubling is Mr. Ellison's seemingly tight connection with Nihad Awad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whom he met almost two decades ago at the University of Minnesota.

How will Dick Durbin and Chuckles Schumer deal with this dilemma?
According to Dick Durbin of Illinois, the Senate's second-leading Democrat, CAIR "is unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its association with groups that are suspect." Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, who chairs the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, has stated flatly that CAIR "has ties to terrorism." Mr. Schumer has special disdain for Mr. Awad and CAIR's other co-founder, Omar Ahmad, saying in a 2003 hearing that both men have "intimate connections with Hamas."Despite representing the Nation of Islam(3) and currently affiliating with Mr. Awad, Mr. Ellison has received the unabashed support of the Minnesota Democrat-Farm-Labor Party and its activists.

Speaking of Ellison's supporters in Minnesotastan, this video of his acceptance speech shows them enthusiastically chanting "Allahu Akbar."

CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment

CAIR: 'Moderate' friends of terror
CAIR even includes at least one person associated with terrorism in its own ranks. On Feb. 2, 1995, U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White named Siraj Wahhaj as one of the "unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators" in the attempt to blow up New York City monuments. Yet CAIR deems him "one of the most respected Muslim leaders in America" and includes him on its advisory board.
As if this weren’t enough to question the choice of Minnesota voters, as a state legislator Ellison supported and defended a convicted cop-killer and leader of a violent gang. Ellison used thug-like language to attack law enforcement officials as racists saying “we don’t get no justice, you don’t get no peace.” Ellison also supports and demands freedom for another convicted cop-killer named Assata Shakur, who lives in Cuba and remains on the FBI’s most wanted list.

The new Democrat majority is shaky at best, and I wonder how quickly we'll see the Liberal smiles fade under the the light of day exposure they usually don't get from the Main Stream Media. The ACLU and other liberal groups, Muslim extremists, and ex-Republicans will hold tight in their common disdain (actually, all but hatred) for this administration and conservatism in general?

Maybe... maybe not. I think that "San Fran" Nancy and "Land Dealer" Harry are going to have their hands full.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jihadists React to Midterm Elections

Jihadists send congratulations to the Democrats, promise to blow up White House.

Muhajer slammed US President George Bush, gloated over his Republican Party's defeat in midterm elections widely attributed to US involvement in Iraq, and said US forces occupying the country were preparing to cut and run.

DNC, Clinton, Pelosi, Kennedy decline to discuss jihadists' endorsement

Democratic base dials up pressure
Liberal groups that helped secure the new House and Senate majorities intend to get their reward.
'We will hold their feet to the fire and use all the tools we can to mobilize our members.'
Caroline Fredrickson, ACLU legislative director

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No Parking Zone for Republicans?

Flattened tires and signs defaced, this truck appears to be parked too close to the Macon County Dems Office, which is right across the street. I'm sure the truck driver must not have seen the "No Republican Parking Allowed" sign.
Seriously, this kind of vandalism is uncalled for and despicable.

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Election Day - Vote

This is it. This is the day we utilize the freedom and the constitutional right and duty of voting. We have the opportunity to choose the men and women who are to represent us in our government.

In Illinois, we have a clear choice for an honest governor who will be able to serve a complete term. (Hint: That would be the one who DOESN'T have several federal investigations underway looking into his "Pay to Play" schemes and other financial shenanigans)
Some people have said that they may support the Green party because they are disgusted with this Governor's ethics, or because of the 13 million Rezko dollars in negative ads against Topinka that have wrongly smeared her reputation. Do they really want to support Whitney, an admitted Socialist who was swearing allegiance and serving as an official of the Socialist Party until 1993? An uninformed protest vote will only help the governor of Chicago.

Get out there today and vote. The campaigns are finally over and it's now up to you to support the candidates of your choice.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

John Kerry: The Kamikaze Kid

Don Imus was probably speaking for most Democrats last week, when he told Kerry, “Stop talking. Go home, get on the bike, go windsurfing, anything. Stop it. You’re going to ruin this.”

This was the Dems choice for president in '04... Need I say more?

John Kerry: The Kamikaze Kid
by Michael Reagan
...When John Kerry stands up and implies that the members of our armed forces now engaged in a bloody and dangerous war on behalf of the American people are a bunch of poorly educated high school dropouts, he is expressing what his colleagues in the Democrat leadership believe. The only difference between Kerry and the rest of his party's bigwigs is that they aren't stupid enough to say so in public.
Those Democrats who haven't scurried for cover in a frenzied attempt to separate themselves from the outraged reaction of the American people to Kerry's disgusting charges are now attempting to convince us that Kerry didn't really mean what he said when he told a high school audience, "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."
They can't deny he said what he said. So they try and tell us he didn't mean what he said. What they are really saying is "Believe us and not your lying ears. You didn't really hear what you heard." the whole article

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Terrorists Against Women's Right to Choose Abortion?

"...The only way to get Democrats to focus on terrorists would be to convince them that the terrorists are interfering with a woman's right to choose or that commercial jetliners exploding in midair are a threat to America's wetlands."
Ann Coulter

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stuck In Iraq

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework, you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”
John Kerry, Liberal spokesperson for the Democrat Party

Video of this sharp and witty quote of how the Democrats view our military is posted at MCR's blog

When It Comes To The Tools Used To Fight The War On Terror, Dems Follow A Simple Philosophy: "Just Say No"

Window To The Soul (of most Liberals and many Democrats)

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